Golf Course Photo, Wildwood Green Golf Course, Raleigh, 27613
Wildwood Green Golf Course
Played on September 2009
3000 Bally Bunion Way, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27613
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Bob C

$41 (cart included), played on Tuesday, September 2009 at 2pm

I have played this course about 15 times this year, not sure why, but never again.

The simple reason, poor service and bad attitude on the part of the staff. It starts when you try to pay or get staff to wait on you at the proshop. When there's somebody around they will let you stand there waiting to pay for your tee time while they tell you to wait - they discuss the finer points of a golfbag with a shopper or somebody looking at equipment. About 3 or 4 times I've had to wait more than 10 - 15 minutes to check in for a tee time.

Then there's the 15 minutes to buy a drink at the counter waiting for staff.

But the best (In this case the absolutr worst) is Adolph the starter going on his tirades about how he runs the course, not the proshop, what he says goes....yak, yak, yak. He is very obnoxious. He lets his local pals (wink,wink) "slip" in ahead of your teetime while pushing all the times back. He's the only person in my life I had to be restrained from when he started giving the people stacked up on the first tee lip!

The, the carts, yes we've had them die on the course and waited and waited and waited. Also had the bag strap break, bag falls off and shatters a 3 wood shaft. Went to the proshop with the complaint. They did not even want to know what cart is was from and could care less.

Then there is the course, very poor condition if it rains anytime the previous - 7 days. Greens a below average. And a very short course. Seeing as they were advertising like crazy for members this year I can see why.

NC State had some association with them until they finished Lonnie Poole this year. Lonnie Poole is the best course by far in the Raleigh area. Trust me.

Would travel: 0-10 Miles, Vacation Worthy
Bottom line: Average course for the area
None worth mentioning
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