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Tamaron Country Club, Toledo, Ohio

2162 W Alexis Rd, Toledo, Ohio 43613
(419) 474-0501

This video of Tamaron Country Club in Toledo Ohio was produced by Great Lakes Golf Today. They seem to have this format perfected.

The host of the video is Mike Jameson. He interviews course personnel and gets a running commentary on the holes and how to play them by the PGA Pro.

The entire 58:minute video is worthwhile including some golf instruction.

For those who want the meat of the video, the drone tour of the course with hole by hole commentary, for the front nine watch 15:10 to 25:35. For the back nine watch 32:45 to 43:55.

Don't play the course without first watching this video and taking notes.

This video was posted June 2016 by Mike Jameson.


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