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Shadow Creek Golf Course, North Las Vegas, Nevada

5400 Losee Rd, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89031
(702) 399-7111

This video of Shadow Creek Golf Course in North Las Vegas, Nevada shows, if nothing else, that with enough green paper you can make the desert green. 

The video is a drone's eye view from 300 feet of the course. In actuality, the camera equipped helicopter drone does a stand off stationary look at the course rather than a flyover of the 18 holes. The operator was obviously concerned with over flying this private course.

The video was posted October 2013 by Todd Riches. In his posting of the video, Todd gave reason for making the video, he said, "Since I can't check out the golf course ($500.00 to get in the door) I'm checking it out from 300 feet."

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