Courses Architect Grange Alves

Grange Alves - 6 Courses

Golf architect Photo, Grange Alves

Grange Gordan Alves, "Sandy"

(1883 - 1939)

Born: Aberdeen, Scotland

Cleveland, Ohio, at the age of 54

In 1904, Sandy left his home to come to America, and landed his first job as a golf professional at French Lick Springs, Indiana.

He later moved to Cleveland, where he and good friend Donald Ross designed and supervised the construction of Shaker Heights C.C. and Acacia C.C., among others. Sandy served as head professional for both courses.

He was Ohio Golf Champion in 1915 and 1921 and winner of numerous Cleveland District P.G.A. titles. He was recognized as one of the leading golf instructors in the country and as a designer and builder of golf courses. Sandy served for many years as head professional at the Acacia Country Club.

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