Courses Architect Clifford Roberts

Clifford Roberts - 1 Course

Golf architect Photo, Clifford Roberts

1894 - 1977

Born: Morning Sun, Iowa, March 6, 1894

Died: Augusta, Georgia, September 29, 1977 at age 83 Augusta, Georgia

Along with George Cobb, he designed the Par-3 course at Agusta National. This was the only course he designed.

Roberts served as Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club from 1931 through 1976 and was named "Chairman in Memoriam" after his death. He also served as Chairman of the Masters Tournament from 1934 through 1976

A year after stepping down, Roberts committed suicide by gunshot in 1977 on the banks of Ike's Pond on the Par-3 course at Augusta National. H, he had been in ill health for several months with cancer and also suffered a debilitating stroke.

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