Courses Architect Bruce Matthews

Bruce Matthews - 25 Courses

Golf architect Photo, Bruce Matthews

Wallace Bruce Matthews

(1904 - 2000)

Born: May 29, 1904

Died: Sep. 28, 2000, Grand Haven, Michigan at age 96

In 1925, Bruce graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in landscape architecture.

Bruce was a Stiles and VanKleek prodigy. He was friends and worked with early icons of modern golf: Walter Hagen, golf professional; O.J. Noer, scientist; Tom Mascaro, equipment inventor.

His course design rule was, "design for the masses." He believed that the average golfer, the majority of a course's income source, should not be punished with undue hardships through the round. He never built a fairway bunker. That's not to say sand didn't flank the fairways, as many of his courses were built through the sandy soils of western and northern Michigan. He was concerned about the owner making a profit. He was a very good router and the minimalist designs took full advantage of the existing features.

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